Live GED Classes(Writing)


The GED Writing component is part of the GED test’s Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) section. It assesses a test-taker’s ability to effectively communicate ideas in writing, mirroring the skills expected of a high school graduate. The writing portion specifically focuses on two main aspects:


 Extended Response (Essay Writing)

  • –  Task:  Test-takers are required to read one or more texts about a particular topic, after which they must write an essay response. The essay typically asks for an analysis of arguments or to articulate a personal viewpoint supported by evidence from the text(s).
  • –  Skills Tested:  This part evaluates the ability to construct a coherent argument or narrative, including the development of ideas, organization of thoughts, and the use of clear and precise language. It also tests the ability to read critically and use evidence from the provided text(s) to support the response.


 Language and Grammar

  • – Although not a separate section, writing tasks also assess grammar, syntax, and mechanics within the context of both the extended response and the other parts of the RLA section.
  • –  Skills Tested:  This includes the proper use of standard English conventions (such as punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure) and the ability to write with clarity and purpose.



– The writing tasks are integrated into the RLA section, which is 150 minutes long and includes reading comprehension and grammar in addition to writing. The extended response part is timed separately within this block, usually allowing 45 minutes to complete the essay.



  • – The essay is scored on a scale from 0 to 6, based on clarity of expression, coherence, and adherence to standard conventions of English, as well as the relevance and development of ideas in response to the prompt.
  • – Scores from the essay are combined with the rest of the RLA section to form a composite score.

 Preparation Tips

  • – Practice writing essays on a variety of topics to become comfortable with organizing thoughts quickly and effectively.
  • – Review basic grammar and punctuation rules to ensure writing is clear and errors are minimized.
  • – Read a wide range of texts to enhance critical reading skills and the ability to analyze and draw evidence from texts.


The GED Writing test, through its focus on critical thinking, analytical writing, and command of standard English, aims to certify that a candidate possesses the writing and reasoning skills comparable to a high school graduate.



  • Group Classes

    • $400 Tuition Fee
    • 8 to 12 weeks Course(Science,Math,Social Studies,Writing)
    • Up to 30 students per class
    • Online Live Class, English OR Spanish
    • GED Book
    • State testing fees not included

Start Time

12:00 pm

September 2, 2024

Finish Time

1:30 pm

September 4, 2024



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